Version 2.0 (December 2, 2014)


Chime represents a rebranded, and reimagined version of Queue Manager. We’ve kept the core promise – using your IM platform to quickly connect people who need help with agents who can provide help. Chime expands this vision with enterprise class reliability and redundancy, dramatic scalability improvements, high value dashboards, access control lists at the queue level, new reports, a new web client, and a completely new user interface for agents, managers, and administrators.

Main New Features:

  • Enterprise database support (SQL Server, DB2)
  • Scalability improvements (can scale to 30,000 conversations per day)
  • New UI in all areas – with UI designed to easily grow with new features
  • Completely new charting area and transparent access to information for admins, managers, and agents

Other New Features Include:

  • Support for enterprise level redundancy – with native support for SQL server, SQL Express and DB2 – instead of Lotus Notes database
  • Support for Tomcat\Apache or IBM Websphere
  • Support for Active Directory, LDAP, and/or Windows authentication
  • Access Control List (ACL) structure for admins, managers, and agents
  • New queue dashboard for managers
  • New agent dashboard
  • Agent plugin deployment improvements – plugin now available on agent dashboard
  • All charts now allow date range to be specified
  • Scrollable charts for large data sets across a large time period
  • New web client - seekers can send files to agents
  • Web client can show place in queue, approximate wait time, queue availability

Demo Movies:

Charts and Reports:

With Chime for Sametime©, you can quickly render, download, and export many types of charts and reports about the conversations that have taken place within Chime.

  • Both managers and admins have the ability to view both system level and queue level charts and reports.
  • Managers can only view charts and reports for the queue or queues they are responsible for managing.
  • Admins can view charts and reports for any and all queues within the entire system.