Version 2.02 (May 27, 2015)

Main New Features:

  • New Agent Plugin 1.0.29
    • Details:
      • Waiting for reboot messages are now Queue specific
      • Fixed Issue: In case of Active Directory environment, plug-in is unable to show Queue specific standard replies
  • New Web Client
  • Chime engine updates
  • Updated charts to show exact count of chat volumes instead of rounding them off
  • Adding support for 'Reviewer' role, which allows reviewer to access Queue level charts for Quality Assurance
  • Optimized Engine for Queues having more than 200 agents

Bug Fixes:

  • All seeker and agent notification messages for ACW, New Message Notification and Waiting for Reboot feature are now Queue specific and can be easily localized. Earlier these messages were common across all Queues
  • Fixed Issue: In case of MAC OSX Safari version 8.0.6 seeker received continuous beeping notifications