Version 2.06 (May 11, 2016)

Main New Features:

  • Outages - In order to help notify, deflect, and track outage conditions, we have added the ability for managers and administrators to create outage notifications in Chime UI. These outages are created within a queue and are displayed to the users when they enter the queue using our web client.
    1. Outages are queue based, so different queues can have different outages.
    2. Outages can be planned or unplanned
      • A planed outage can have a start time and an estimated stop time. The outage will be displayed to the seekers when that date and time is reached.
      • An unplanned outage will be displayed to the seekers as soon as the outage is configured.
    3. Outage Details
    4. We realize that during an outage, the volume of chats can increase dramatically. When an outage in listed in Chime, we try to reduce this by:
      • Displaying the queue outages to seeker at beginning of chat.
        Display in chat
      • Displaying the queue outages at a default or custom (per outage) interval.
        Set an interval
      • Seekers have the option to subscribe to individual outages to be notified when an outage is resolved.
      • Seekers have the option to acknowledge that the outage is their problem and leave chat if they wish.
        Remain in chat
    5. Reports
      • New report – Deflected vs Answered - Displays percentage of chats that were deflected from outage
        Deflected vs Answered
      • New report – Number of Deflected Chats - Displays total number of chats that were deflected from outages
        Number of Deflected Chats
  • Post chat
    1. Added the ability to export the chat details after the session has ended.
      Chat Conversation
    2. Added the ability to email all chat conversations to a designated email address
      Email Chat
  • Agents
    1. Added the ability for agents to enable/disable themselves from a queue.
      Toggle availability
    2. Agent skill tags are now configurable at a queue level
      Agent skill tags
  • Misc.
    1. Date/Time formats in email transcripts are now configurable
    2. Ability to mark completed conversations with session tags (ex: 'Transfer to Call')
      Note & Tags
    3. Queue will now go into away mode when based on a schedule
  • Plugin 1.0.58
    1. Updated plugin version message to alert the end user if their version differs from the server version.
      Version Message

Bug Fixes:

  • Web Client – fixed issue where JSON post wasn't being made when using query string parameters
  • Web Client – Addressed URL custom parameter case issue
  • Web Client – fixed issue where popup window didn't open if URL parameter is missing
  • Added the ability to get seeker information to display in the Seeker context panel from seekers using a Sametime client
  • Fixed issue preventing messages from being sent in existing connected chats when the queue unavailable.
  • Fixed various issues when transfer dialog in plugin
  • Updated encryption for dispatcher's information.
  • File download URL updated for seekers that come in via Sametime client
  • Fixed issue: SeekerFirstName variable not rendering values at runtime