Version 2.08 (October 4, 2016)

Main New Features:

  • Chime Application
    • Fixed Issue: At times back/save buttons under agents list in Queue properties were greyed out. This prevented Managers from adding new agents to the Queue.
    • Added Seekers section under Queue level dashboard to allow Managers to view/edit Seeker records. Managers can modify seeker profile and also associate Skill-Tags with seekers to enable Skill-Tag based routing. When seekers come in they get routed to an agent having the matching Skill-Tags.
    • Grid paging and navigation enhancements
    • Seeker can be marked as VIP so they are routed ahead of other seekers in the Queue
  • Charting and Reporting
    • Queue level charts have been updated to support trend lines (showing target values for various metrics). Target values can be specified under Queue properties:
      1. Target ASA
      2. Target Chat Concurrency
      3. Target Average Chat Duration
    • Under Queue properties Service levels can be defined for Answered (ASA – Wait times) and Abandoned chats (Wait times – after which seeker closed chat session). Service Level details are shown on:
      1. System Dashboard
      2. Queue Level Text Analytics Chart – Chat Statistics
  • Plug-in
    • Installer for Chime Plug-in for IBM Sametime and Notes Client
  • Web Client
    • Updated to have responsive layout