Version 2.09 (January 10, 2017)

Main New Features:

  • Chime Application
    • Added support for new routing type which enables - Route longest waiting seeker first
    • Added a Queue level option which will allow Queue to send incoming seeker request to agents which are 'In a Meeting' status
    • Updated Manager Panel to include Pick Visitor feature
    • Updated Manager Panel to allow managers to view live conversation text
    • Updated Manager Panel to allow managers to view seeker details (meta data)
    • Added helper methods which provide quick access to seeker/queue/agent properties to Groovy extension
  • Charting and Reporting
    • Updated chat conversation view to show routing cycle, meta-tags, agent comments and session attachments
    • Added option to export conversation and meta data to a text file (text format)
    • Added new Queue Level Text Analytics Report – Meta Tag Discovery to search and view chat sessions by meta tag