Version 2.13 (February 1, 2018)

Main New Features:

  • Updated Admin Guide
  • Priority Pass: Agent can assign seeker priority pass which reduces the time seeker spends waiting in Queue for an available agent (#1685, #335)
    Priority Pass (2)
  • Added new chat window option 'Pick Another Request' which will assign the agent the longest waiting seeker
    Pick Another Chat
  • Chat History Retention Settings: Retention policy allows Chime instance to retain messages for specified number of days (#1692, #329)
    Chat Purging
  • Added support for both internal and external privacy lists (#1686)
    Privacy List
  • Brute Force Login Attack Prevention Feature: Chime blocks IP Addresses that are involved in the repeated login attempts, which are in most cases attacks (#1689, #334)
    Login Checking
  • User login attempts are logged for auditing (#1690, #334)
  • Added ability to delete agent profiles (#1693, #330)
  • Improved Groovy extension API to support creation of Question/Answer based flow at the start of an IM session (#1619)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue: Users with Manager role were able to create Queue (#1681)
  • Fixed issue: Monitoring Panel does not refreshes if seeker question contains escape characters (#1704, #327)
  • Fixed issue: Routing cycle does not stops instantly when seeker abandons chat (#1703, #332)