Plugin 1.0.37 (August 11, 2015)

Main New Features:

  • Added a new icon to refresh to all agents to manually refresh settings from server without needing to go into Sametime® Preferences
  • Added support for following plug-in commands which can be added to agent text resources in a Queue definition:
    • To launch a URL: !!cmd_launch_browser_[ URL Goes Here ]_!!cmd_launch_browser
    • To show a toast notification: !!cmd_toast_[ Message Goes Here ]_!!cmd_toast
    • To open a URL as a chat window extension: !!cmd_attach_browser_below_[ URL Goes Here ]_!!cmd_attach_browser_below

Bug Fixes:

  • File upload message no longer appears twice on seeker side
  • Fixed Issue: Uploaded filename was logging incorrectly in the database if its localized in Japanese/Chinese
  • Fixed Issue: Uploaded filename appears incorrectly if its localized in Japanese/Chinese