Plugin 1.0.56 (February 4, 2016)

New Features and Updates:

  • Will now automatically resize the agent text area if text area is initially collapsed
  • Updated to display agent file upload notification when using the option send a screen shot
  • Added new feature: 'Chime Lookup' which allows agents to lookup text from seeker chat window in an online Knowledge Base/CRM system
  • Updated to use newer plug-in XML feed which contains Queue STID which allows 'Chime Lookup' feature to easily identify Queue chat windows
  • Updates to Seeker Information Panel sizing for Sametime® 9
  • Search variable has been renamed to !![SearchTextGoesHere]!!

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Issue: In case of manual mode ACW, ACW Icon state goes out of sync if user logs out.
  • Updated to hide current Queue name from chat transfer dialog
  • Updated to not send across file upload message to seeker. This appears as a duplicate message to seeker.
  • Updated screen capture dialog to remove the "Add" option. It worked same as "Send" option.
  • Fixed Issue: At times Chime Search Extension options appear in regular chat sessions
  • Fixed Issue: At times the plug-in was submitting HTML for selected text instead of plain text for Chime keyword search/lookup extension
  • Fixed Issue: If a user is using multiple monitors then at times chat window extensions did not open up on same monitor running the Chime chat window