Release Notes

Current Production Builds:

Chime Version: 3.0.18

Version 3.0.18 (September 15, 2021)

New Features and Updates:

  • Added API for Queue Metrics for IBM custom dashboard
  • Added new command for advisor which allows closing of session and activating ACW at the same time
  • When broadcast messages are sent to all seekers (waiting/connected), sender name will show up as Queue instead of Manager display name
  • Chime Virtual Agent to prevent seekers from directly starting a chat. Seekers should come in from HAI portal
  • Optimizations applied to reports: 'Concurrent Chat Percent by Advisor', 'Concurrent Chat Percent by Queue', 'Average Chat Duration (Concurrent Chat Session) by Advisor', 'Average Chat Duration (Concurrent Chat Session) by Queue', ''Average Chat Duration (Concurrent Chat Session with ACW) by Advisor, and 'Average Chat Duration (Concurrent Chat Session with ACW) by Queue' showing concurrency data for quickly rendering data
  • Optimizations applied to reports: 'All Chats' and 'Abandoned Chats' for quickly rendering data
  • Fixed Queue Level Reports: 'Average Chat Duration' and 'Average Chat Duration (with ACW)'. Chat duration should not include 'Wait period'
  • For CPC Server Callback: Added new setting which will hold WAS cluster server URL for callback communication

Version 3.0.17 (April 28, 2021)

New Features and Updates:

  • In PI Export folder sort GDPR entries in ascending order
  • Data Purging View: Added option to easily navigate to 'PI Export' folder
  • Data Purging View: Show inline error message if seeker/advisor profile export fails

Version 3.0.16 (April 12, 2021)

New Features and Updates:

  • Web client: Updated to support outage notifications
  • Advisor Panel: Added support for column reordering
  • Chat Traffic Panel: Added confirmation prompts
  • Added validation to prevent agent from issuing overlapping 'waiting for reboot' commands
  • Web Client: Hashtag channel name should not appear as hyperlink
  • Fixed Issue: Broadcast messages from 'Chat Traffic' panel not showing up in chat history while session is in connected state
  • GDPR: Added Data Purging options to selectively export seeker and agent data:
    • Profile Only
    • Seeker Messages Only
    • Agent Messages Only

Version 3.0.15 (March 19, 2021)

New Features and Updates:

Version 3.0.2020-02-07 (February 14, 2020)

New Features and Updates:

  • Added support for Global Manager & Reviewer roles
  • Monitor Panel: Managers to assign 'bot' conversations to human agents
  • Updated 'My Dashboard' to hide option which allows agents to enable/disable themselves
  • Updated to send across seeker location and platform to Watson Bot
  • Added API calls for HAI to get number of active sessions for a seeker
    • API:
    • Response: [{"SessionCount":XXXX}]

Version 3.0.3(2020-01-02) (January 15, 2020)

New Features and Updates:

  • Added Queue Level Report: Watson Intent for tracking bot activity
  • Added Queue Level Report: Inbound vs Answered vs Deflected
  • Allow seeker to rate bot responses
  • Added support for showing disclaimer in web client
  • Updated Monitoring panel to make all columns sort-able
  • Updated Chime to use newer Slack API - instead of which has been deprecated
  • Updated to load balance chats between queue dispatcher pool to address potential Slack API rate-limit issue
  • Added support for Slack Markdown formatting

Version 3.0.2019-10-25 (November 1, 2019)

Slack Features

  • Slack is now fully supported using Instant Chime
  • Added Slack dialog card as queue text resource items – Slack dialog definitions can be added as Chime text resources
  • dialog cards can be sent as part of conversation or displayed at Slack dialog popup
  • Support for Slack slash commands using \Chime
  • Chime standard replies and other areas will be displayed to the service desk agent using Slack dialog cards
  • Inbound requests to the service desk can be started using Slack UI or Chime web client channel

Bot Integration

  • Add bot registry to Chime administration area
  • Add support for Microsoft Bot Framework bot(s) via Directline
  • Add support for IBM Watson bot(s)
  • Multiple bot end points may be registered with Chime
  • Chime can pass a conversation to a bot before routing the user to a service desk agent (chat bot self-service deflection scenario)
  • Bot replies and integration can be wrapped in a Slack card before being delivered to either the agent or the guest

IBM Watson Integration

  • Chime can redirect a chat conversation to an IBM Watson bot prior to routing the request to a service desk agent
  • Conversations can be passed to an IBM sentiment and text analytics service to automatically determine tone analysis and sentiment scoring
  • IBM Watson tone analysis and scoring can be attached to the chat session and configured at the queue level
  • Added reports to display IBM Watson tone scoring and sentiment analysis

Queue Configuration

  • Added Cognitive Services area to queue properties – to manage sentiment and tone scoring for chat sessions
  • Velocity template engine added to text resources
  • Text resources now include ability to call a bot and hand the bot a Chime conversation
  • Added text resources necessary for bot handoff and routing
  • New queue properties to handle cases were a conversation may be handed to a bot and a Chime agent become available
  • Multiple Slack dispatchers can be added to a queue
  • HTML is now supported across all Chime text resource items – to help wrap bot replies


  • Added reports to display IBM Watson tone and sentiment scoring
  • New reporting area (Watson Analytics) added to charting module to consolidate all IBM Watson reports

Version 3.0.2 (July 24, 2019)

New Features and Updates:

  • Added support for Slack platform
  • Major web interface overhaul to make it more intuitive and responsive
  • Updated adaptive card integration: custom forms can be submitted as cards to seekers
  • Updated external Direct Line bot integration: Bot can be invoked at various points while seeker is in Queue
  • Embedded Microsoft Adaptive Card Designer into Chime for building cards
  • Updated Agent Dashboard to show agent status in real time
  • Added Queue Level Chart: Average Guest Rating By Agent
  • Added System Level Chart: File Transfer by Queue
  • Adding support for importing/exporting Standard Replies
  • Added support for specifying Queue icon
  • Added support for post chat survey (rating and comments)
  • Added Service-Now VA to get list of open tickets, create and update tickets
  • Updated Logs view to show statistics of incoming traffic from Azure Bot Framework and Slack channels
  • Manager can inject messages into a live conversation
  • Manager can assign chat to agents
  • Added support for 'Waiting for Reboot', Seeker can disconnect and rejoin the same session
  • Added support for 'ACW', after a session ends agents can complete after chat work. During this period they won't get chat notifications
  • Added support for file transfer between seeker and agents
  • Added support for 'Priority Pass', seekers can be assigned priority pass which allows them to route ahead of other waiting seekers
  • Chat can be transferred to different Queues